Policy & General Information

Call 317-436-1929 to place orders

Please call 24 hours in advance with order, Flamme Burger requires deposit upon order confirmation. Payment due in full at time of pick up. Pricing Includes all plastic ware and condiments. Minimum Order $100 free delivery up to 1 mile.

Box Meal

Box Meal $9

Includes choice of Sandwich or Salad, Chips, cookie


Priced per 25

Vegetable Platter 37.50

Fruit Platter 37.50

Mediterranean Mazza Platter 65.00

Filet Skewers 125.00

Chicken Skewers 50.00

Romano Crusted Chicken $100.00

Italian Meatballs 50.00

Ahi Tuna on Wonton 75.00

Filet Canapes 125.00

Grilled Wings 31.25

Choice Sauce Hot, BBQ, Asian sweet Chili


Priced per 25

Angus burger 75.00

BBQ Pork or Brisket 62.50

Chicken (grilled or breaded) 62.50

Ahi Tuna w/wasabi slaw 125.00

Veggie 60.00

Deli-Italian or Traditional 87.50

Full Sandwiches available upon request


Priced per person

Potato Salad 1.50 pp

Mac N Cheese 2.00 pp

Skillet fried potatoes 1.75 pp

Fresh fried chips 1.25 pp

Baked beans 1.50 pp

Grilled corn 1.50 pp

Napa Slaw 1.50 pp

Pasta salad 1.75 pp

Chopped salad 2.50 pp

Greek Salad 2.50 pp

Bruschetta salad 3.50 pp

BLT Salad 3.00 pp

Thai Chicken Salad 3.50 pp


Jugs Iced Tea or Lemonade 6 per gallon

Bottled Water 1.00 per bottle

Can Soft Drinks 1.50 per Can


Priced per 25

Cookies 25.00

Brownies 25.00

Mini Cheesecakes 37.50